Pluto Prepares for it’s Retrograde phase!




Pluto began slowing down last Saturday and continues to as it prepares for its retrograde cycle beginning April 14th, and runs through Sept. 22nd. When this outer planet stations as its called (the time before its retrograde cycle), its energy and all that is represents can actually be stronger, therefore, we can actually feel it even more… all things “Plutonian” are going to show up during this time, so we can exam and figure out what works for us and what doesn’t!

 Pluto is all about our soul and it’s purpose here in this life, this is about our own personal power and the ability we have to feel that space. This is the planet that rules the way we create, transform, destroy, regenerate, and change our lives… it’s what helps transforms us. It helps us light up the darkness we experience here on planet earth. These transformations also include endings and new beginnings. In order for us to find this space of truth, or what will transform us…Pluto will get rid of what no longer serves us and replace it with something new, or something we have been deeply wanting that fulfills our soul’s destiny.

If we choose to resist when Pluto brings about such big changes into our worlds, we can have problems or suffer. But if we surrender and allow this process to take place, we can move into a place of truth and feel empowered by it on deep levels. Look at what is really in your world, what is the Universe trying to show you… you have the next 3 weeks while Pluto is in its Retrograde phase. What isn’t working in your life, what’s blocking you from your Soul’s Destiny? Ask what habits, behaviors, and fears are holding you back from feeling empowered? How would it feel if you could remove these obstacles?


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