Sun/Pluto Square – Personal Power


Sun/Pluto Square – Sunday through Saturday – Personal Power

Thursday the Sun/Pluto Square comes exact. This aspect is part of the T-square energy between the Sun/Uranus alignment, and Jupiter and Pluto aspect. This is a very important transit for all of us!

How we see ourselves might not feel the same today or maybe challenged in some way. We can feel our fears on a very deep level during this event. Certain situations can feel like a conspiracy, as we’re looking for hidden agendas anyway. Paranoid much? We can be way to pushy, because we feel competitive, as jealousy can be an issue! This aspect can have us confronting our own power and authority.

We need to speak up for ourselves, and be more assertive while being more independent. Men or male role models can bring strong messages that make us look at what we feel in control of, what power we hold.

Now is the time to get rid of what no longer works for us; be it people, things, situations, or our attitude. Our fears run deep.. because we have to deal with what we can’t control. We can try to alienate others and push people around to get our way, be careful to not become so overbearing that you don’t get this lesson.

Whatever is blocking us from living a better more meaningful life is in our face, during this transit. We need to be careful about being out of control, difficult or suspicious to the point of losing whatever were trying to protect. Try opening your spiritual heart during this transition, the real power in all of us is the love we hold. If you can discover our own place of power, we can change our life.

This T-square energy invites us to be open-minded and flexible with the people in our lives. We may have to make some changes to our plans for the future, these long-term goals need to include whatever your learning right now. Just simply allow the energy of change to be OK.

Avoid power struggles, don’t allow others to pressure you into doing something you don’t want or that feels wrong. Stay grounded, get centered and find ways to keep the energy calm around you.

This aspect is a huge opportunity for us…it can help us to mature, evolve, and grow. If we work with this aspect and not fight the energies, we can transform ourselves in amazing ways.~Ruby

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