The Sun is Squaring Jupiter April 1st 2014

The Sun is Squaring Jupiter April 1st 2014

The Sun is squaring expansive Jupiter through Thursday, and our moods can be quite unstable. Both the good and the bad can feel even bigger, everything can feel magnified. There is also an extra dose of enthusiasm and excitement while we’re in this energy. But this makes us feel like we can do anything, so it’s very important that we don’t lose touch with reality.


Overconfidence can cause limits to be pushed and break boundaries, which just sets the stage for even bigger problems later. It’s important not to overdo or exaggerate about anything while we’re in this. Our thinking is big and we feel like we can accomplish almost anything. Many will get a lot done, but our focus is more on the bigger picture!


We may feel overwhelmed with all these emotions running so high out there. If you’re a sensitive person by nature or what is called a “Empath”, it can be a bit difficult to handle all the energy going on. All of us should stay in awareness about the energy we’re picking up on, make sure it’s your stuff, your emotions, your pain and your truth! Just work on staying grounded and get in touch with whatever reality you know to be true.  ~Ruby

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