Setting Intentions under the New Moon in Aries



 Aries ~ The New Moon of New Beginnings 

This is an opportune time to ask the Universe for new beginnings. The intentions that are set during a New Moon Ritual will set you on the right path towards your desires. Have a conversation with the Universe (meaning your Higher Power, Guides, Angels, etc) ask for the New Moon to open up the paths towards your deepest desires, ask to be led to your manifestations. Next release and let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore! 

Some of you might be asking how does one “set Intentions” under the New Moon? 

Well first you should set the mood, and create the energy… light some candles, burn some incense or Sage and play calming meditative music. Get comfortable and simply write your deepest desires, wishes and questions. Ask what you’d like to manifest, create… what energy are you trying to bring into your life. Just ask!

As you’re doing a ritual and setting your intentions, here’s some helpful questions you can think about…for example; What are you choosing or what changes would you like to see in your life? What are you or should you be letting go of? How do you feel about what is happening in your life now, what do you want to create for your future during this New Moon?

Next your going to Visualize and feel what you’ve written. Close your eyes and take deep a breath, now enter into your heart (the space you feel love from.) See yourself in the desire or dream you’re creating. For example, see yourself living in that new home, falling in love with that great soul mate, driving that new car. Visualize yourself letting go of what you would like to release this New Moon. Don’t just think about it… make sure and “FEEL IT”, as if you’re really experiencing what you’re visualizing. Smell the smells, taste the tastes, hear the sounds around you, and finally feel your dream.
Allow the Universe to show you what paths to follow over the next month that will lead you to your dreams. Allow the New Moon to light up the path your supposed to be going down, so you can live a fuller more joyful life. ~Ruby


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just spent some time by the fire…doing just this. Such a wonderful day and night. Such a powerful New Moon. Blessings to you. Great post.


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