New Moon in Aries

Sunday afternoon the Moon aligns with the Sun, both in Aries and this begins the New Moon cycle. We think and can act quickly with this Moon. We’re more enthusiastic and courageous. You need to get very clear about your future goals and what you’d like to create under this New Moon cycle. This energy is about taking actions, as the focus is on ourselves. It’s about taking actions first and thinking later. Our energy can be off the charts with both the Sun and Moon in Aries.

 Aries energy is about courage and passion, we must assert ourselves and take initiative, go venture into something different or unknown. You should be asking this New Moon to help you see your future, and what you would like to create? Then ask to be shown the changes you need to make and create it.
 Aries is about meeting your inner warrior. This energy is supposed to create and protect life, it’s doesn’t harm or destroy it. It’s about being brave not angry… assertive but not aggressive. Aries energy at its highest vibration helps to motivate and inspire. That’s when others will follow, just by seeing your courage and enthusiasm for life, it makes others want to experience it!
 Make the time to tap into this amazing energy, be the one who helps initiate change for yourself and the world.. this is the energy to work on setting intentions for your future goals, this is Go Time! #rubysreadings


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