Happy Birthday Aries

Happy Birthday Aries!! 

The Sun enters Aries early this afternoon, where it continues till April 19th. We’re ready to start something fresh and new, we’re startimg to feel excited, but also impulsive. We’re charged up, it’s go time.. you can feel the energy to start somethingnew. We’re more motivated to conquer whatever project we decide to take on. 

Aries is the sign that comes back for more, it is brave and even somewhat innocent. This energy is about having no guilt or shame, it initiates and starts new missions. What we need is expressed in a rather direct way, we’re not dramatic or complicated. This energy isn’t about planning out ahead, it’s about making things happen when we act more spontaneous.

Mars, Aries ruler is in Retrograde currently, this year’s Aries season is going to be a little bit different. We may not be as assertive or so “in your face” as we have been in years prior.‪