Our thoughts move from our Heads to our Hearts.

Our thoughts move from our Heads to our Hearts.

Our thoughts move from our Heads to our Hearts.

Monday, Mercury changes from freedom loving, thought-provoking Aquarius, and into compassionate, healing Pisces until April 7th. So basically were moving out of our heads in the way we communicate and think, into our hearts instead. So we can express ourselves with love and compassion. We go deeper to that place within ourselves that realizes we’re all connected.

For the next few weeks we can have an amazing mental connection with “Source” energy…if you allow it to flow to you. Our thinking is full of creativity and imagination, and our intuition is strong. The best way to handle this energy is to focus on the present moment, and raise your vibration by being aware of what your thinking. If you simply just allow these energies to be, you’ll be able to receive information from an intuitive place, rather than your mind. We’re going to need to slow down and speak more gently.

Mercury in Pisces give us the opportunity to let go of old ways of thinking that were conditioned into us, the fears that no longer serve us. Also Mercury is still in its shadow of Retrograde phase, which means ask for a second opinion when signing any documents or buying anything on the net. It’s time to connect to your intuition more strongly, they say Pisces receives messages from the Soul. ~Ruby

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