Mercury Is Out of Retrograde

Mercury Is Out of Retrograde

Friday, Mercury goes out of Retrograde!! Yay!

Finally the planet of communication slowly starts to go direct, after its 3-week retrograde phase. It’s best to go with the energies during this time. Pay extra close attention to whatever is in your face now! Be open-minded, because even though you might feel an issue is resolved, you may have to deal with it again. Especially during the next three weeks as we go into what’s called the “shadow”, a period of time following a retrograde cycle.

During this Mercury in Retrograde cycle, our thoughts have been processed privately, within ourselves. Now with Mercury going back to its normal speed we’re able to focus on the world outside of ourselves once again. It’s easier to take information around us in again, this can provide some amazing new insight and lead to a different perspective.¬†Mercury is known for being the messenger of the Gods, many have felt like they were cut off by the Universe or their Higher Power (whatever name you use or believe.) But this to is information, so it can come flooding in, it will be great to reconnect, but we might feel confused because so much information comes pouring in at once. Take notes if need be, it really does help.

Ask yourself what you’ve learned this last 3 weeks, or while Mercury was in Retrograde? Are you having any problems with debts that are shared, or in a partnership of some kind?

Mercury will be back to its normal speed by Monday of next week, so allow everyone to adjust. I’ve been writing about Mercury’s shadow period, this is simply the time before and after Mercury’s Retrograde phase. So we still have to endure the shadow cycle until March 21st, this can cause some issues with traveling and communication still but these should be small isolated incidents!

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