Mars and Saturn slow down?

Mars and Saturn are slowing down? How does this affect you?


Monday, there’s a huge shift in energies going on, as Mars (our actions, our passion) and Saturn (rules, regulations, the teacher) both slow down to what’s called a station period to go into Retrograde. When a planet comes to a stop or stations, we tend to feel their influence within more, these energies will play out more so in our hearts and minds, expressing ourselves can be challenging during this time. This is a good opportunity to learn how these planets affect our daily lives.

Mars influence is about our independence, how we assert ourselves, it governs our physical actions and is the energy behind how we obtain our goals. During the station period we get up close and personal with Mars, we’re made more aware of how it affects each of us personally. But we haven’t learned anything yet, at least there’s not enough information to make changes.

This aspect can have us feeling frustrated and we can boil and become very angry. It’s going to be easier to avoid direct confrontation with Mars currently being in Libra, we would rather keep the peace on the outside. Lots of Passive-Aggressive behavior going on. Mars will start it’s Retrograde cycle on March 1st. 

Saturn, is about facing your fears, and facing the reality of certain situations. It’s about taking responsibility, and taking care of business… it’s about understanding our reality, and the consequences from our past actions. Saturn is associated with our structures, responsibilities, our commitments, and doing life our own way.

Saturn is the cosmic teacher of the Zodiac. Do you know what classroom Saturn has you in right now? Do you know where your being forced to grow up and mature? What situation has you confronting your deeper fears? What are you now committing to? Saturn begins it’s 5 month retrograde on March 2nd.‪

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