Full Moon in Leo, Valentine’s Day

Full Moon in Leo, Valentine's Day

Leo is bright, bold and a fire sign. This Full Moon in showy Leo can cause us to act impulsive, dramatic, and enthusiastic.
Leo is also a fixed sign that is full of confidence and is known for breathing life into ideas, and having constant effort and drive. Ask yourself which of these traits you should use to help move forward in life? Do you have the courage?

The Full Moon in Leo the Lion is about maturity and leaving the lions pride to get out and make its own way, and to become successful. It’s an ambitious sign with a very strong will. It represents celebrations, large hearts full of compassion, and loves to play and just have fun, so follow its lead.

The energies can get very intense today, because the Full Moon will be involved in two tense transits. The first one is a tense T-square connecting to shocking Uranus and then squaring darker Pluto and expansive Jupiter. This is about breaking free from the old patterns you’ve learned and probably call tradition. It’s time to make a new path and raise the awareness around new ideas. This energy can be very stressful, but to soften its harshness, simply work with others, and make peaceful efforts and agree to disagree. Allow everyone involved to come away feeling like they contributed something. This combo T-square energy will continue for the next 10 weeks, and its message is we need change. Look for creative ways to make changes around any problems that pop up, and have the courage to make it happen.

The next T-square involves Saturn and the Full Moon. This is about making solid, structured choices and using your power for the good. Start off by taking responsibility for all that you do. Try connecting on a deeper level to what your passionate about especially in your work. Being grown up is not making excuses or acting out like a child, and learning how to set healthy boundaries. We need to step away from routines, and possibly feel uncomfortable enough to make changes.

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