Mercury in the Shadows of Retrograde

Computer problems, misunderstandings, feeling stuck and confused?

Mercury the messenger, the planet that rules over most communication, speaking, talking, travel and any related technologies… is still working on going Retrograde (what appears to be backwards) and will come to a halt on Thursday. It’s very important as we approach this upcoming Retrograde Cycle on February 9th, to remain PATIENT both with ourselves and others! Especially when communicating or around traveling.
This isn’t a good time to start anything new, especially if you’re trying to process new information. The rule of thumb during Mercury in Retrograde is not to sign anything if you don’t have to, wait until the first part of March this go around.

You probably have already and will continue to experience delays and misunderstandings, around anything that communicates. We can feel stuck or stagnant during this time. If your going to be traveling be aware of this fact and take the extra time you need to get ready and be prepared for delays. I will have much more on the positive side of when Mercury is in Retrograde for example, it’s a great time to review old projects that may haven’t got finished, and to do research because you always seem to find the truth during this cycle. Keep up with my blog posts here and on Facebook. ~Ruby


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