Jupiter Opposes Pluto, how will you use your Power!

Jupiter Opposition Pluto
We're feeling very strongly about the possibilities ahead we want to go explore there meaning. Details can easily be ignored because we are jumpy and impulsive in our pursuits. Pay attention, we can overestimate our abilities and try to push our power off on others, which can cause debates and arguments. Pluto is power and Jupiter is faith, so we can feel transformed and have amazing breakthrough in our deeper belief system, but our passions can run so deep that others opinions can set us off..learn to "Agree to Disagree." Our beliefs can be challenged by others opinions in this energy, ask yourself if their comments bother you because you just might believe them even though you were raised not too! 

This aspect can cause tension especially with close family and authority figures. Instead of throwing your power around and trying to control others go within and empower yourself. Let go of old beliefs that no longer serve you, that ones ya know that no longer work for you, the beliefs that you were conditioned to believe as a child perhaps! Ask yourself if your belief system is blocking you from a happy existence? Make some necessary adjustments in the way you think, go by what you feel now even if it’s a little or a lot different! 

So have you succeeded since last August..is your life more comfortable, do you have a good relationship with your family, are you taking better care of yourself? This is all about investing in yourself over the next few months. So by the time we’re in this for a third round in April, your footing will be more on solid ground.

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