Happy Full Moon in Cancer


Full Moon-Part One

A Full Moon is always about striking a balance between the Moon and the Sun. The Sun is in Capricorn, which is about respecting the physical world which we live in, this sign wants to create something that is long-term and is useful. So this is a about bringing the physical and emotional body together, and balancing out how we feel, so we can be more aware of what is healthy or harmful in our lives. If we want to be healthy adults we must take care of ourselves and each other, but this also means to take care of our feelings and our “inner child” with the Moon in Cancer especially. In order to evolve into a grown up we must be able to provide. Capricorn asks us to step into a place of maturity, where we no longer need to look outside of ourselves for approval. Our validation comes from within as we learn to master our own lives.

The Full Moon in Cancer is about our upbringing and how we started our journey, and Capricorn is about how we share what we have learned and mastered in our development. We must learn to listen to our own feelings and not ignore them in order to build what we value. This Full Moon is connecting to Saturn in Scorpio, this aids us in establishing boundaries with others. It’s important that you monitor your feelings over the few weeks, and let go of any pent-up emotions you might have from your past, listen to your gut or that little voice that says to take care of yourself in certain ways.

With this Full Moon in Cancer we need to nurture ourselves, so take care of yourself and connect with nature anyway you can, and when doing so make sure to connect with your heart. Ask yourself what should I let go of, what beliefs or rules have I been following that no longer work for me? What is my body trying to tell me, what do I need to change?
Part 2 Continuing Full Moon forecast

We’ve been talking about the Full Moon forming for tonight, but they’re other aspects that make this an especially tense Full Moon!

What’s called a Grand Cross is still going strong involving Mars, Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter, and is also making what’s called a T-square to this Full Moon and squaring Venus in Capricorn. (what a mouth full huh) Well this can make the energy even more intense, and if whatever you’ve been experiencing can feel much stronger, good, bad, or in different. The pull is so strong that our relationships can really become the main problem or blessing, maybe both. This includes all your close relationships, from close friends, children, siblings and just about anyone you really care for.

You’ll probably feel more strongly about the issues you’re having than normal, so wait to make any hasty decisions until the weekend, because you might feel completely different by then.

With so many squares involved, we should be seeing more clearly as to what changes we have to make in our relationships with others and ourselves both. This can be a turning point in our lives. We can have major insights and moments of awareness, basically a whole shift in our consciousness can now happen.

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