Full Moon – Setting some Intention

Full Moon in Cancer Alert! – Setting some Intention!!

This is one of the most opportune times every month to have a one on one conversation with the Universe. A little intention setting can go a very long way. What should you do? Well that looks like you going into a meditative state, praying, or journaling and asking the Universe for what you truly desire.
Make this Full Moon work by practicing something ritualistic, this helps you go into a deeper place of faith, by activating our senses through a ritualistic setting we seem to manifest much more powerfully! You should begin by lighting some candles and playing some mood music, and/or burning some incense perhaps. Then get some paper or a journal and write down your desires (questions.)
The Full Moon holds magic because it’s holding are unconscious mind, our secrets sort of in the dark…. once intentions are set usually within a few weeks time, the Moon will illuminate the pathway that leads us to what we truly desire. So why not, try setting some Full Moon intentions for yourself, and discover your own inner power..this helps the Universe light up the paths you’re really looking to head down. Let’s not forget about divine timing, sometimes we don’t get what we want right away.. because there are good reasons. But practicing some Full Moon intentions will at least get you and your desires headed in the right direction!


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