Mercury is changing Signs

Our you ready to change your mind?

Mercury the planet that rules our communication, travel and the way we express ourselves has now changed signs from practical, cautious Capricorn to open-minded, forward-thinking Aquarius until only January 31st. So for the next two and half weeks our way of thinking will be much more open-minded, but it’s easier for us to state our opinions and possibly be a little to overbearing. Our thinking is lightening fast and more alert, we can observe better than usual and we love a good intellectual conversation.

Words and conversations seem more interesting. We’re attracted to the unusual side of life, the strange, odd, and bizarre. Our intuition can be quite strong…which can lead to amazing insights, perhaps even moments of genius. This all should make for some pretty interesting conversations. We’re attracted to science, the occult, and all things metaphysical. Lots of discussions about the world and causes. Aquarius is known as the humanitarian of the zodiac, therefore we can feel compelled to support causes close to our hearts.



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