Sunday ~ The Sun opposes Jupiter

What do you want to do, or is it what should you be doing?

Sunday: the Sun opposes optimistic Jupiter, this has been felt since Thursday and remains strong until next Wednesday.

We can experience a deeper conflict within regards to what we think we want and what we think we should be doing. We can go way overboard and indulge… so watch what your eating and the money your spending this week, retail therapy is not advised. We can overestimate our own abilities and think we know and can do amazing things! Ask yourself do I really know what I am doing, does this make any sense to me… before I make my next move!

This is the opportune time to pay attention to your conversations with others and think about the information, feedback and opinions you’ve received. It can bring forth an awareness that you might not have had before about yourself and your life. The good news is we tend to listen more as this aspect makes sharing with others more optimistic in the end.

There can be some interesting twists and turns today. Don’t make impulsive quick decisions however, they can backfire on you. By the time we float off our cloud and back down to earth a Mercury/Saturn aspect will be coming together, and our thoughts become structured and realistic. But don’t lose sight of the information you’ve gained during this transit, because it can be very valuable! #rubysreadings


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