Are you ready to meet your goals, how much should you push?

Are you ready to meet your goals, how much should you push?

Monday, a challenging Mars/Pluto aspect comes together. We’ve been feeling this since December 23rd and it goes strong until January 6th. We have a lot of power our ambition is strong and our will to succeed is off the charts, we might feel like we can achieve our goals no matter what the circumstances are. We feel like we have to achieve so much in fact we might find it difficult to stop ourselves.

This energy can lead us into power struggles, we want to be treated fairly and we can push authority figures to get that, we want cooperation from those around us. But at what cost? If you push too much it can become a battle with the planet of War Mars and the darker transformational Pluto bringing this energy together. So we may not know simply when enough is enough! Find a place of power by tapping into your HEART, close your eyes and radiate love, send it to yourself to others keep this force field of energy around you, it is what will protect you. Being flexible might be the only way to combat this energy, give yourself time to walk away if need be, time to breathe, try to think before speaking.


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