Full Moon in Gemini

Feeling energetic and alive yet, what shall you do with this Full Moon energy?
Tuesday morning we’ve already entered the Full Moon in Gemini, but it’s also a “Void” of Course Moon until around Noonish, so stay focused and balanced as we can be very scattered and emotionally very sensitive. During a Full Moon are working with both the Sun and Moon’s energies, and the Sun in Sagittarius is about being open minded and looking underneath rocks if we have to to find something new and adventurous, so we can walk away with some inner wisdom or knowledge. With the Moon in Gemini we want to stay connected to our immediate environment and be involved in our daily activities with more logic and speed, unlike Sagittarius who wants to be lead by it’s own gut instincts or intuition. We must find a balance between both these energies. 
This Full Moon is all about communication, our sense of adventure and attitude. Something is brewing inside of us and now the Universe is demanding you let it out! Over the next few weeks, we will learn more about what this means to us. With this kind of energy we can’t sit still on our feelings, they need to be expressed.  With the Full Moon bright in the sky it will light up what feelings we have and lead to revelations, if your paying attention! Our emotions are pushed out and brought to our awareness or consciousness. 
It’s very important to stay centered and grounded because next week has some serious aspects coming together. Get creative while finding solutions to your problems. Can you already feel the tension out there, that’s not just the holidays.! Connect to your spirit anyway that works for you, for some it’s meditation, others it’s long walks, or writing and  journaling. Learn how to maintain focus and call in stillness, because you might feel like your being pulled in a million different directions at once by the people in your world, and you can get split up sort of speak over this next four weeks. Get your priorities together an don’t get distracted, practice focus. 
This Full Moon is asking you: What am I holding on to that feels bad? What is wiping my energy out? What old behaviors or patterns do I need to release and let go of? What do I need to be doing differently? Can I let go of the past, and how does that feel?


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