What do I have to do?

Looking for a way to express yourself and work on your problems, release some of your tension?
Wednesday morning a harmonious transit involving mental Mercury and wounded Chiron comes together. This will be felt all week-long! This aspect can help you heal some of your deep emotional wounds now, these issues are rearing there ugly heads, and probably began from an old trauma. Our wounds are open and we are feeling the sting, making many of us vulnerable. These emotions have to come up and out to heal.
These two planets are in this aspect for a third round in six weeks now, (this has us speaking, and expressing our problems) and with Mercury being in Scorpio and Chiron both coming out of Retrograde periods… it’s been intense, shadowy stuff. We can express ourselves with this energy more clearly and with compassion, so “Yes” this is the time to have those heart to heart conversations, the difficult kind. I’ve already seen many who are doing it. It’s just easier to forgive, allowing us to get things discussed and worked on.If you’re having problems, look to your emotions, because that is your biggest clue, their directly related to old wounds and those old traumas that aren’t healed, and that’s why your feeling badly.
Ask yourself what do the emotions I’m feeling mean? Have I felt this way before? New stressful situations will just get more intense if you don’t deal with them. Because these wounds are showing up differently, it can be confusing. If you choose to at least try to find a way spiritually to work on these wounds, now is the opportune time to heal them up. If you need help, contact me. I’m here to work, teach, help and support you. #rubysreadings


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