Sun enters Sagittarius

Sun enters Sagittarius

Sun enters Sagittarius, wanna know if this is going to help us feel better?

We’ve had a rough month, it’s been hard living life so deeply with Mercury, Saturn, Moon’s North Node, and the Sun in Scorpio. We’ve been observers and researchers, as we secretly have been dealing with some serious darker stuff emotionally.

This Full Moon in Taurus seemed to really expose our more vulnerable side, as it tested our patience which taught us to grow and evolve…but for some that was kicking and screaming. But with Mercury now direct or back to normal, many of us learned how to fix mistakes and misunderstandings, with our thinking a little more clear.

These last few weeks alone have been intense, but you’ll notice a shift coming on Thursday. When the Sun shifts from the deeper waters of Scorpio, into the more lighter energy of Sagittarius. Over the next four weeks during this transit we will come out of the shadows and into the light, as the Sun asks us to come play in its warmth.

We’ll feel safe roaming and looking for adventures, with the Sun in Sagittarius.
We feel free in this energy and our hopefulness is restored. We’re now able to see our opportunities, as we work on expansion.

While taking this carefree trip we have to first rid of what holds us down. If you remain attached to emotional, mental, physical, or material burdens it’s going to drag you down, so let go of all that junk! Free yourself of these problems and live in the present moment. Sagittarius energy is about the future, make things simple and honest.. don’t take that baggage with you, or you could miss out.

Will be more curious and daring to go out and search and wander unfamiliar territory. We feel free and can shine as we escape from our fears, they were just an illusion. Next week you’ll notice how some of your fears melt away, because you realize they’re not the reality anymore.

The Sun in Sagittarius helps us see why we exist again. This helps us to trust in the Universe and creates a space to believe in something. We become the light that guides us towards a happier life for ourselves and others both. We are going to be full of shiny more happy energy that will help us enjoy people and situations. We’re full of new ideas and philosophies, this can help us to grow. Our confidence gives us courage and conviction to take the lead, this puts us on new paths to new journeys in our life. We will want to get out and explore the world.

This opens the doors to amazing opportunities that are all things Sagittarian.
Like travel, higher learning, spiritual journey’s, school, books and reading, foreign places and things, religion and philosophy, dreams and Ah-ha moments.
Some of you will take a new journey, that’s focused on what the true meaning of life is, as you gain more knowledge of what your sense of purpose looks like. ~Ruby

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