Taurus Full Moon means Pleasure

What are you doing for yourself to experience some form of pleasure under this Taurus Full Moon?

The Taurus Full Moon is all about pleasure, yes even in the “Void” of course Moon cycle that we’re also in, but that will end at 6pm or so tonight, and then if you are one of those that are setting intentions for this magical Moon, I say go for it tonight again!Ya know with the Sun in Scorpio all month-long, we have been doing a lot of purging and healing, as we confront our own inner Demons, but that kind of work can be literally exhausting and can also cause much anxiety! The Taurus Full Moon is Scorpio’s polar opposite, and is saying to us “CHILL OUT,” and quit stressing out, go bake something!

It’s time to return to the earthly plane and take care of yourself. So spoil yourself, go get a massage or a mani/pedi. Go out for a walk, cook whatever makes you feel good, make it comfort food..the Taurus Moon loves nurturing with food. Taurus energy is all about returning to our senses and getting in touch with them. The Scorpio energy we have been in is all about living life to its fullest, even to the death, as it keeps us feeling alive. But not that case with Taurus energy, as it is about returning back to simplicity, and being sensual.

So find pleasures today, ask for hugs, relax, be still, go read a good book, heck go eat some chocolate! Pleasure is very different to each of us, but you know what it means for you I am sure. As Venus rules Taurus, it’s about finding that vibration that creates a buzz within us, and keeps our heart chakra’s wide open, just the way she likes to feel. #rubysreadings

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