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My name is Ruby, I have been Reading professionally for over +18 years now. I am a Spiritual Adviser, otherwise known as a Psychic/Medium, Clairvoyant and Astrologer!


I have read for thousands of clients professionally, both locally in NE Kansas and all over the world, and continue to do so on a full-time basis via email, phone and in person. Using my Psychic abilities I can assist you along your path in life. I am above all very honest, and will tell you truthfully the answers to your questions and always with compassion!

If your life doesn’t bring you Joy, I can teach you how to choose differently, so you can learn and practice the spiritual work that unlocks doors, and remove blocks in the way while finding your desires. Many don’t understand that life isn’t just planned or destined, it’s also a matter of choice. If I can help you make active positive choices in your life, more often than&nbsp you’ll obtain your wishes, hopes, dreams and goals!

I care for my clients very dearly. The relationships I hold with my clients is above all professional and honest. Without you, the client I wouldn’t be making a successful and rewarding career, so I hold much Gratitude for my clients and will always treat you with kindness, respect, and compassion.

I believe you deserve confidentiality with a Psychic Reading, it is a very private entity in itself, and you will always get my full attention and understanding for the time you spend with me. ~Ruby


marygold51ster@gmail.com 11/17/2013 at 9:32 PM

Hello Ruby!!
I would like to have a reading in person so I can pay you in cash… I need to quit using my credit cards and get them paid off.
I might have had a reading from you years ago. Did you give readings in a little shop called the Crystal Window? or Willow? in Seacreast shopping
center in Topeka? It was amazing and I really appreciated it.
Do you do 30min. readings or 60min. readings or go by how many questions I need help with?
Your prices also.
Your address where we can have a reading.

I really would like to do this,
Mary Allen

Thank you.


    Hi Mary
    I did own the Crystal Window for some years but that was later on oh about 10 years ago,
    but I would love to do a Reading for ya. I do go by Mins and if you’d like to make a
    appointment you can email me at healingruby@yahoo.com, then we can go from there.
    Thanks so much


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