What’s up with all the intense energy lately?

Are noticing how tense the energy has been this last month or so?

All this tense energy we’ve been in, this disruptive energy we are feeling lately is the Uranus/ Pluto Square, and it’s getting more intense as it comes together again this month. There’s a strong level of impulsive and compulsive behavior going on out there, this transit is stimulating us to change and we are at the peak of a wave of change. This hasn’t really been around in the vast majority of our lifetimes, only if you’re in your 90’s or so. Most of us are feeling this in one way or another, but some are feeling it way stronger than others. If you’re one who is going through scary deep change now and it feels hopeless or disruptive.. It’s about getting rid of the toxins.. stick with this, by the time we’re into January and or February some of us will feel it even stronger and others will feel it hitting different aspects of their lives all together, and then there will be the lucky few who realize they’re already through the worst of it. This is about CHANGE on such a very deep level. Hang in there. Stick with me as I am here to inform you and support you! ~Ruby


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