Solar Eclipse Nov. 13 in Scorpio

Sunday morning the Moon aligns with the Sun, both in Scorpio. This starts the New Moon cycle and the powerful Solar Eclipse energy!


This is actually information that will cause yet another shift in all of us, basically we need this info., once we are aware of what it is, we can manifest what we’ve learned over the next five months or so.

There are so many planets in Scorpio, that we can be reminded to accept our shadow self (that not so nice side of you). Take on your fears, and take back your personal power. The darker sides of ourselves that have been ignored, suppressed, or not healed can now surface up. When these weaker parts of ourselves are ignored, they make us lose power, and we can become victims to others manipulation and control.

What we resist will persist, what we reject within ourselves, we project onto others. What parts of yourself have you rejected, or stuffed way deep down and forgot about?

We can now release old beliefs and habits with this Solar Eclipse, as we move the thoughts that fill our minds down to our hearts to feel them, and let them go!
This Solar Eclipse’s message is we can make a choice to react from a place of fear or we can choose to show love. Scorpio is often represented by the Phoenix which symbolizes transformation. Can you transform yourself? #rubysreadings

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