Solar Eclipse Downloading Version 5.0 of….?

Solar Eclipse  Downloading Version 5.0 of....?

Solar Eclipse
Downloading Version 5.0 of….?

We’re still in the middle of Eclipse Season and a Solar Eclipse will be here shortly… in the beginning of November. Some believe that a Eclipse is a step into new awareness, as if the Universe is sharing a huge file that our souls are downloading like a computer. A upgrade to our consciousness.

A week before and after a Eclipse seem to be a strange, bizarre time and we’re anything and everything can happen.
So expect the unexpected. It’s like the rules are sort of gone.
If you start anything new during this time, it may not work out the way you expected, the information you needed doesn’t seem to show up until after the Full Moon following the Solar Eclipse.
If you can wait until November 18th to begin any new important projects, when we are completely out of Eclipse Season (we’ll also be out of Mercury in Retrograde) that would be a better time to begin.

Eclipses breakdown our defenses, and bring up a deep sense of uncertainty in us, leaving us feeling nervous, anxious, and confused or ungrounded. To remedy these effects and stay simply grounded in your body and in the present moment, we must listen to your intuition, our gut, and connect to our higher self of awareness to help us stay calm and more on track. (if you need help with this, get with me about a Reading.)

Also let me remind you this is short lived and temporary. Just as if your downloading a file on your computer, the information will be there once the download is done. We must be patient. #rubysreadings