Mercury in Retrograde Oct 2013

Mercury in Retrograde Oct 2013

Mercury in Retrograde starts today, how will it affect you, how can you use this time to your advantage?

Today Mercury the planet of Communication, thinking and travel comes to a halt in deep, passionate Scorpio, as it begins its 3 week retrograde phase, that lasts until November 7th. It’s important to remember that just because Mercury is in its retrograde cycle, that we don’t stop our lives! This cycle gives us a chance to reflect on our past and search our own belief system. So for this next three weeks we get the opportunity to connect stronger to our own feelings and how we can meet our needs. This process can be very internal as we should begin to practice working with ourselves, learning how to understand who we are first! I invite you to talk to your version of divinity, the powers that be, the God of your understanding. Ask what you can do for you, how can you take better care of yourself?

Now you have this info, what can ya do with it? Well here is some advice on how to survive a Mercury in Retrograde cycle.
First off always read over what you’re doing, and read it again and don’t sign any contracts or make any new commitments.
If you decide to do business during this cycle, make sure to ask for a second opinion, and be aware of the details for the next three weeks. Make sure to check in with your own intuition or higher-self and stay open-minded as much as possible when making decisions.

If you have any resources with someone else, like in a relationship or financially, this is a good time to go over the details. Negotiations can go well if you make minor adjustments, but no permanent commitments just yet! Going over details can benefit you, do anything it takes to keep from overlooking important details or miscommunication. I have seen first hand how Mercury in Rx cycles can cause misunderstands, we can get easily frustrated with each other without any real logic, it might just not make sense! So just make sure your tolerant to being asked over and over any questions others might have, be open to the fact that our perception has dipped down into a lower energy that causes real issues for others, and that it may never make sense.

This is a great time to re-evaluate and re-organize your life, we can work now on our thought patterns and how we make decisions. You can walk away from this cycle learning a very valuable tool about how what works for you and what doesn’t in a deep way.

This cycle provides time for us to do-over anything we want, you can retrace your steps and make things better now. Remember planets go Retrograde all the time, you have lived through many Mercury in Retrograde cycles.

It’s my wish for you to be educated more so on the benefits of this transit versus the negativity that Retrograde planets seem to get. So instead of saying “wow what an awful week” or “why did that happen?” You can walk away using some good advice and make the most out of this energy. When planets go Retrograde (Rx), the cosmos is giving us a second chance at something and a third even, because they let you retrace your steps three times, that’s how they work! So we get to go back and do things over before moving forward again. Sometimes this is a huge blessing!

Often during a Mercury in Rx friends from the past, family members, and clients will pop back in our lives! Again this can be a good thing, this doesn’t need to be negative. Mercury also rules our minds and our day-to-day decisions, so when it comes to communication make sure that you pay attention, read over anything again and if you don’t understand, ask if you did hear it right the first time, also use spell check cuz you’re going to need it! ~Ruby

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