Are you Single, you may want to read this!

Are you Single, you may want to read this!


If your single and you see me use the word “relationship” in my blogs, you might say “that’s not about me, I’m not with anyone” Think again, because that’s not how it works. First off, it’s always about you…no matter what is happening astrologically! If you’re not in a domestic partnership or a committed relationship to another person, a marriage, whatever you want to call it, then your most important relationship should be with, yes you guessed it, yourself! Because even if you’re involved it should be about you always first, this isn’t about being selfish or greedy. But we must first learn how to live with and love ourselves, in order to have any decent relationship with another Soul. So next time I ask or write that you should work on your relationship, and if you happen to be alone… I invite you to think really hard about exploring the relationship with yourself and ask some questions, but as if you’re looking at a deeper part of you. After reading my blogs, you should ask questions like what do I think, feel, or pick up intuitively. This is doing the Spiritual work I do often speak of, as the Universe is always sending us lessons to help us advance and evolve to a higher vibration which can help you find a healthier relationship, and hopefully a lasting one. Besides if you don’t know or like yourself, who else will want to try? ~Ruby

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