Weekend Update

Weekend Oct 5th 

Some of us feel like we’ve been riding a emotional roller-coaster lately, and the ride continues when the Libra New Moon started rising yesterday, this is the most elegant and sociable New Moon of the year, it could help your love life or make you obsessive about your relationships. If your single, don’t worry about passion, instead focus on a making a relationship slowly build. If your already committed to someone, don’t let any resentment your holding turn into blocks and work on starting a new romance with your lover, just add some affection and love!

October 7th and 8th, Mercury (communication) meets up in some challenging aspects with Pluto (our shadow) and then Saturn (structure). Mercury is in deeper, shadowy Scorpio which can bring up some intense issues. Pluto is dark enough and it’s presence on October 7th can have you digging to deeply, and emotional issues can be larger then life. Don’t search for more darkness, think about the light you share.

Once Saturn meets up October 8th you can focus back on reality, but remember to look at what’s positive, not the negative. If you start feeling depressed, remember there’s always a better way to handle your problems, the answer may not have presented itself yet.

Also October 7th loving Venus shifts into fun-loving Sagittarius for a whole month, this will help lighten the mood. Going to parties, social functions, and having adventures will be the theme, won’t that be a nice change of pace!

If your not sure if your with the right person, no worries. Get a Reading with me, Ruby!
I will be able to tell if you’re with a Soul Mate partner, or if it’s time to look towards working on what energy you attract, to eventually attract better quality partners. #rubysreading

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