Relationships are getting a boost of passion this week?

Has your relationships been a bit tense or passionate lately?

Saturday a tense aspect between Venus/ Mars, (the team of love and passion) come together. It started to build Wednesday, goes through Thursday! Open your minds and your hearts to the feminine/masculine balance inside and outside of yourself. Which one should you be tapping into more?

This energy can have our passions running high, we can start flirting, teasing and playing hard to get! Romance and sexual tension with others can be experienced. Some of us will find we’re arguing in very passionate ways, with more masculine or feminine sides of others, depending on who is dominating each side. We can end up battling with our significant other over what we need and want romantically and sexually.

We can be quite competitive, but this also can be a creative time that stimulates and motivates us..but arguments can flair up! Our actions and how we assert ourselves can be taking wrong. Be careful how much money you spend becuz we are impulsive in this energy, don’t do retail therapy! This passionate energy can lead us into frustration if not expressed or released properly. 

This can also become one of those energies we feel within ourselves, we feel a strong need to connect deeper with ourselves and others. We can try to get too deep as we search over meanings. Lighten up on this one, its not a time to dig so deep, have fun instead! We might want some privacy with these feelings to tap into our passions, but at the same time we want to be heard, seen, loved, and admired. Make sure whomever your sharing your passions with, knows you and understands you already. Focus on balancing the masculine and feminine energies moving around while in this transit!
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