Intention Setting under the New Moon

Intention Setting under the New Moon
September 2013 in Virgo


This is an opportune time to ask the Universe for new beginnings, this is when the Moon is actually at its darkest point.. so we should be planting seeds for what we truly desire under a New Moon. The intentions you set during a New Moon will focus the energies to take you towards what it is your asking for. Have a conversation with the Universe, and ask for the New Moon to light up the path towards what you want to manifest over the next 28 day lunar cycle.

Start off by lighting some candles, burning some incense, playing some calming music and allowing in the energy this New Moon has to offer! It’s best to write the questions you have and work from that space tonight and then in a few days, (after we have received whatever awareness we will be getting from the Universe), set the intentions around those questions again actually, and don’t set intentions during a Void of Course Moon phase.

Our questions should be more focused on the sign the Moon is in, and since this particular New Moon is in Virgo we should focus on our how to take actions to improve our daily routines, so the energy in our daily lives moves freely and flows easier. We should be asking how we can take small actions towards bettering our health, how can you start new day-to-day rituals that will help our health, this includes our emotional well-being. This energy is all about organizing your life so it can run more smooth and be more practical. What do you need to de-clutter in your life, and within yourself emotionally? What do you need to rearrange in order to bring peace and harmony in your world?

The message of this New Moon is to simplify your life, and dedicate yourself to what is really important. This powerful Virgo New Moon can show us what works and what doesn’t, it can help us to make those details clear. One thing you can work on is being more aware of the way you think, your thoughts. Ask yourself, are my thoughts constantly negative and critical and if so how do I change this? How do I rid myself of the Ego enough to love myself and others?

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of information and communication, so we absorb information during this New Moon. We should be paying attention to our way of thinking and what energies we are putting out and receiving both. What do we surround ourselves with energetically? What are you absorbing daily on Facebook’s news feed for example, all the wondrous great beautiful things this world has to offer, or all the negative media updates about how ugly the world is? What energies are you giving out as the world seems to be getting more open and sensitive to its own intuitive powers? Remember what you put out there with thoughts, actions and feelings, you get back.

Ask yourself what it is you holding onto, is it still good for you or working for you? What do you truly value, now? Where have you gotten stuck? What needs to be rid of or eliminated, so you can move forward? Allow the Universe to show you the way, allow this New Moon to light up the path you are supposed to     be going down, so you can live your true Soul purpose. ~Rubys Readings




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