Moon in Cancer Labor Day weekend!

Watching a sentimental movie this weekend?  We can become absorbed in memories from our past and shed some tears, our emotions are heightened, and we can experience mood swings that are dark in one moment and happy the next. We feel a sense of wanting to be tucked away, in a place that is enclosed, private, and familiar.

OH how we love FOOD when the Moon is in Cancer, it is all too easy to eat up your favorite comfort foods this weekend, while watching your favorite shows or movies. Baking and cooking will be fun, while being tucked away cozy in our home can feel so wonderful!

For anyone who is sensitive or empathic in general, this Cancer Moon can cause us to absorb others feelings and moods, but we also can be extremely compassionate. Glad to see this energy during all the Syria attacks being in question, hoping this will help us make a decision based on how it will affect all of humanity, and not just be War! Send your healing, loving energies to the Universe and ask for a peaceful resolution.

Friday morning the Moon moved into protective Cancer, where it remains until Sunday evening. We’re basically in the Cancer Moon all weekend long, how will this affect you? We’re more sensitive to what others say or gossip, so try and be kind to yourself and with others, (what you do, say, and think does create your life) It’s important to feel safe, especially emotionally during this Cancer Moon cycle!

Home will be the theme this weekend, so any work that needs to be done will more than likely be focused around our homes and with family and friends we trust. Some of us will just become homebodies, and retreat to a place that feels safe and comfy. If you are far away from home, you might notice some feelings of being “homesick.” We want to nurture others and ourselves during this cycle.

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