Full Blue Moon tonight!

Full Blue Moon tonight!

Tuesday the Full Moon comes together in Aquarius, this is the 2nd Full Moon in Aquarius in the last 4 weeks! It’s also a Blue Moon. This Moon is about freedom and planning for the future, we can see all sides to any given situation, and be rather objective. But, it opposes the Sun in Leo..and Leo is about the heart, attention, and fun. We probably have noticed by now what is out of whack or out of balance in our lives. Seek balance over the next few weeks, between your heart (Leo) and your head (Aquarius). Focus on what you want in your future and what goals you are setting for yourself, but don’t forget to check into your heart about this planets future as well, ask what do you want for all of us? What do you want our future as a whole to look like? Connect to your heart and be creative. Think about what you want to put out to the collective consciousness, because we are in desperate need of healing as a whole!~ Rubys Readings

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