New Moon in Leo

A New Moon begins late this afternoon! The Moon lines up with the Sun also in Leo, and begins the New Moon cycle. With this Moon being in fun-loving, passionate Leo, we feel like having romantic encounters and adventures. Tap into your heart, and express yourself. This is a self-expressive sign and some of its keywords are proud, generous, caring, warm, active, open and authority.

ImageThis New Moon is also in a tense aspect to the Moon’s Nodes. This creates change for us and helps us to see more clearly where we are on our own spiritual path! We’re still also under two Grand Trines (Trines are harmonious energy in astrology) and a tense T-square that’s ruled by Jupiter. Being flexible is very important if you don’t want to have problems. With Jupiter involved it’s always about expansion, so expand your awareness of how you can be more connected into your feminine side, (yes men also.) Most importantly with your family, friends, and your feelings!

This is your chance to transform and change your old beliefs system, and revolutionize the way you interact and socialize with others…ask yourself how well do you express yourself to others? This is the time to release and let go of our old ideas and learned behaviors from our childhood and upbringing. We’re learning to step outside the box and do what feels right, and not what is considered to be socially acceptable. It’s the time to allow the memories from your childhood to be processed.. cuz if ya choose to ignore them you could face harsh lessons. Take a new path, do something different and go with your intuition not your logic, which is your heart not your mind.

There are going to be 3 T-squares between Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus by May 2014! These are opportunities to change and free yourself from any blocks you might have. These blocks are a result of what you were raised to believe and value. Remove the blocks that are standing in your way of a healthier, much happier home life with your family.

The Leo New Moons message is that it’s time to evolve in expressing oneself, so that your sharing love. Change your thoughts, change your mind, don’t held hostage by old outdated ways of thinking. Healing, whether mental or physical, always has to come from the inside first. But too often, we wait until a situation becomes almost unbearable before addressing difficult issues. Ask yourself what your beliefs are now? If you do not know, might I suggest you just simply start asking the Universe to show you. Be aware and conscious, teach one another how to walk down a path of light, by expressing ourselves through love, so that we all may shine brighter! ~Ruby

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