“Star of David” in the sky Today?

Have you also felt the wild energy this last week, thought I would share a bit of mine!Most of last week was quite difficult for me, I had some very intense emotional experiences in my personal relationships.

It felt very much like the whole “Super” Full Moon experience was pulling me apart from the inside out, to the point where I got sick psychically with an old problem that I wasn’t even aware I still had. My emotions out of control, along with my thoughts! It was as if some old patterns were showing up in order to be released. It wasn’t easy seeing my shadow self again, I had to meet some very dark sides of myself, and introduce myself, no not fun!

On Saturday, I had no control and had to express how I felt, pretty much all day long (my poor family.) Once I got to say my peace over and over in five different ways, hence being a Leo with a Gemini Moon (we see all sides of a situation, and want to discuss them all) I started to feel the release and was tapping back into a higher vibration again, and was able to feel comfortable enough to relax, and finally get quiet. I see how I have been neglecting myself lately, not listening to my body, not dealing with my own emotional state, and this was very clear when I noticed everyone around me was confused and frustrated with me, yep mirror mirror on the wall..what I was feeling deeply was just being reflected back to me. I wasn’t myself, because I wasn’t taking care of me, not sleeping, not eating right, not meditating, not doing the Work”..as I often say!! One of my dearest friends says “The Work, Works!” she is speaking of doing spiritual work of course, and connecting to your higher power. I share my story with you because many of you have also shared with me how hard last week was, and I just want you to know your not alone. I do believe we’ve been clearing out old negative, yucky stuff so that we can take on something new, like a raise in our awareness is coming. The rare configuration of “The Star of David” is today, and I’ve been feeling like it’s influence can help awaken us on our journey. Is this the energy we’ve all been feeling? Well I’m really not too sure, but one can certainly hope so! ~Ruby


That TOTALLY has been happening to me too. I just figured I was just slipping backwards for no apparent reason and there, you put it in words!
(slow clap)


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