Full Super Moon in Capricorn


The Moon moved into practical Capricorn, where it will remain until Tuesday of next week. The Capricorn Moon has us focused more on security, and our future plans. We our looking for success, and are motivated to achieve and manifest what it takes to get it! We can be very resourceful while looking to gain and protect what is here with us, what is real! We have the energy and time to figure it out. We tend to take things more seriously while the Moon is in Capricorn, we seek the reality.. here in the 3D world. Take advantage of this energy, and you’ll be very productive.
Remind yourself that you’re only human and that you’re doing the best you can, and that’s all one can do. Avoid putting yourself down for what you should have done, now is the time. This is a great day to face our fears as Saturn the ruler of Capricorn is in fearless Scorpio right now. If you’re honest and real with yourself and others, you will be able to go deep into your emotions. Be passionate about your dreams. This Moon is building towards this month’s Full Moon that just happens to be a Super Moon as well. The Full Moon in Capricorn becomes exact at 6:30am CST. This Moon is self-sufficient and desires accomplishments, it is opposing the Sun in Cancer which is protective of friends and family. This will become a place where we seek balance for the next few weeks, it can now be crystal clear that something needs to change in order to get this alignment in place. The balance we so desperately seek is between our inner selves (Sun in Cancer) and what our goals and obligations are in the outside world (Capricorn). It’s important to realize what our long-term goals are (Capricorn), and how they can bring us stability and happiness within. (Cancer).This Full Moon is all about balancing what we need both inside and outside, hence the Sun in Cancer (emotions) and Moon in Capricorn (earthly possessions). This is about giving and receiving, we’re ready now to release the fears we have, and allow them to come up and be dealt with. So it’s about building upon those fears and now allowing ourselves to feel truly passionate about what our long-term goals are, so ask yourself how you can create your future with these goals in mind, and how we can make these goals bring about inner peace!

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