Venus/Chiron Aspect- Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Can you learn from this?

Venus/Chiron Aspect- Mirror Mirror on the Wall, can you learn from this?


A challenging Venus/Chiron aspect will come exact midmorning. We started feeling this Friday and it will be strong through Wednesday!

You might feel blocked from intimacy and it’s whole experience. This can bring up issues around self-worth, relationships, and finances. Were tested to work through our old wounds from the past along with our insecurities in our relationships. Look at these issues from a new perspective, one that is compassionate and you will have break through and a better understanding of yourself and your journey in this life.

Take this opportunity to learn from one another, it’s as if we’re holding a mirror up.. so we can reflect even more clearly (than usual) our deep emotional issues to one another. This can feel intense and personal, and bring forth our own insecurities. Get real with yourself especially if you’re upset with someone! Because more than likely they’re just your messenger, to help you understand what you’re really feeling deep down about yourself.. and they probably aren’t even clear of it, not completely! It’s the feelings their bringing forth that you should pay attention to, and ask yourself why does this bother me? What am I needing to work on? How can I fix me, and take responsibility for my emotions?

With Chiron involved, it’s always about healing and the work you need to do. Use this transit to help you work on those problems.. you might not realize they even exist!
So what if you feel like someone is holding a gigantic mirror in front of your face, and your triggered.. then deep emotions start to surface, well it should be pretty apparent at this point what or who your triggers are.

I would take this time as an opportunity to see what you can figure or find out, and discover where this trigger came from originally.. for many it will go as far back as your childhood!

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and visualize these emotions back in your childhood, then bring love and compassion to the situation and yourself, as you’re now and as you were. Give to yourself now and then, both..  Visualize it!! and give yourself the permission you need for the feelings to come up and be looked over again, feel them and the energy that is with you. They say, “feelings are just energy wanting to be lived out or experienced,” so allow them to move through you and out!!
The more you choose to Not deal with these feelings, the more they will live inside of you and cause problems.!  So to the best of your ability allow these emotions to be felt..  and move them out of your head and into your heart.. where you can feel and release them,  and let go.! What if you gave in and were more compassionate with yourself? And compassionate to those who are mirroring your problems? Try to have some faith and allow the space for this healing process to work!

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