Talk your way into Healing!

Talk your way into Healing! 

Mercury the communicator is involved in some aspects with the wounded healer Chiron and the warrior of the Cosmos Mars, this actually starts later tonight but could be felt last Sunday, this cycle is strong well into Thursday.

This is an opportunity to bring some healing energy into your life with your thoughts and words. You can feel over-stimulated and a sense of urgency to express yourself or get your points across. As we’re just enthusiastic about telling our story, we can come off as argumentative!
Heal your insecurities through communication, chat with those you care for and begin healing… So open up and get vulnerable, feel exposed and express yourself, but don’t be too pushy about it! Once we allow ourselves to say how we’re feeling it might sound harsh, because our words are so to the point and exact..! These powerful conversations can start our healing process. This energy can push us to take action and fix what is broken or not working for us. You might end up having to defend yourself or others during this aspect.
We can actually get more loving and compassionate with our words once we’re past the hard stuff and in our truth!
Choose to think loving thoughts about yourself, operate from a loving space, then you can let go of any negative thoughts you might be having and take positive action to fix them.

Do some soul searching, I dare you! Ask yourself some important questions during this cycle.. like were you raised in a home that believed deeply in poverty like thoughts ..or in lack?
Can you allow a space within yourself to love you? ~RubyImage

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