Something Real to Feel

~We are looking for a way to plug our Spirit in,  into something divine and for something tangible and real to feel..start searching if you feel this pull. You might notice yourself daydreaming and not being able to concentrate. Go with that and research those thoughts..feel them!


I feel that those people who have some kind of connection any kind of connection with the Universe, have a much better quality of  life.  I am not talking about Religion mind you..but about Spirit!! So many of us think we are just BODY and MIND, that is simply not the case, we are Spirit first we came in this world with a Soul and leave with one as well, and actually nothing else, we don’t take our minds with us that is physical. Remember this formula: your body=physical, your mind=ego, and your Soul=Spirit and feelings are your Souls language..that’s how you know it’s the Soul and not the Ego or Mind telling you what is going on.
Many spiritual Guru’s believe that if we ignore the mind  and go out of our mind (not in the insane sense) and listen with our feelings or Soul, then all of life’s mysteries could be solved.!

Today is a great day to search for some meaning to who you are, ask yourself what your beliefs are now? Not what belief structure you were raised with necessarily, but what do you believe in!! Get out that handy dandy journal of yours and write it down..and if you don’t have a journal go buy one or set a private one up online or you can even now get an app for it.. I have a bunch lol. It’s really up to you, no one has the power or the right to tell you any differently.
Remember it’s your Soul and your Choice!!

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