The Moon is in the a home body of the Zodiac Cancer all day.

When the Sun in Aries squares with the Cancer Moon (Squares in Astrology are tense) this day can have a under current feeling of crisis!
We feel like we must take action.

We can now see how are actions affect those around us and especially those closest to us, but through failing and then succeeding. So try and be an observer of your world today, it might be easier if you notice those reactions around you first before you make choices that can affect your loved ones.

Whatever you asked for during the New Moon on March 22nd, can now start to show up and manifest, remember at first there might be a few minor bumps.Don’t get to frustrated, this is only temporary.

~So pay attention to your signs, listen to your messages, and be open to allowing The Universe, God, Angels, Spirits Guides, whatever it is you work with Spiritually to work with you!!
I learned many Moons ago that Divinity is rarely black and white with us Souls here on Earth. Often more then not our signs or messages come in a very subtle and symbolic way. One way this was described to me that has always made sense was when the Universe tries to talk to us, its a if your in a bathtub full of water, and your under the water holding your breathe and someone else is standing by the tub and talking, and your trying to hear them..yea it can be that difficult!

So the messages come in little ways for example, you hear a song playing on the radio and you know in that moment the lyrics are just for you, or you have a question about your life and a movie pops on and just adds up and helps you understand. Or your on a date with a new guy and a random stranger shows up and asks how long you’ve been together, as if its you’re 10th wedding anniversary, and their that one! I believe that’s how more often then not Divinity communicates with us. Its something you feel you just know.
Ok so then you ask how can I be sure its a sign or a message just for me?
I have a very simple answer, all you have to do is ASK!
Yes that’s how if you ask they will answer, and eventually if you learn how the Universe works with you, you’ll know when their talking, and just to you, no matter how strange or subtle it might be you will feel it. Feel!!
Be confident and believe, hope is an amazing comfort to all of us!


I enjoyed reading this one Ruby!:-)


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