Peace or Conflict!

How did the Full Moon in Virgo affect you? Where you at peace while organizing your world or did it cause you to ride an emotional roller coaster?

~Let’s all take a huge deep breathe after yesterdays Virgo Full Moon, it wasn’t a bad energy I feel, but very busy and hyper like Virgo can be. Paying attention to the details constantly is a lot of work ..but Full Moons seem to enhance the traits of the sign their it seemed extra hyper and forgetful like Virgo can be. 

Thursdays energy..the Moon has now moved into lovely Libra and balance is the key to enjoying this energy. With this energy you should seek out harmonious endeavors. Also do a lot of observing instead of talking, try to think before reacting to well anything today. 

This is usually a great time for peace talks and negotiations, but the Universe is throwing us a curveball with another transit..and its a big one, involving Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto! 
We want to express our opinions, but we come off to blunt and extreme..this can cause irritation and frustration and bring about conflict, as a small disagreement can turn into a major power struggle..! 
If you go with the aggression and dont resist the changes, and remain calm you can turn this into a positive experience! You can become the diplomat and be objective. 
If you choose to go against the aggression you might get yourself all worked up instead, and will attract opposition. 

~Today is a good day to find peace, to pick and choose your words and actions carefully, to take responsibility for what energy you bring to you, and what I mean by that is you’re always drawing energy to yourself by what you do, say, and think. So there has to be a place were you discover how to attract what you desire..without blame or guilt of the people around you. for not getting your wishes meet…it takes real work to be aware or conscious of your life, once you learn what path works for you it becomes second nature!
Remember you can think positive all the time, but you have to follow that with an action.
For example writing how you feel down and getting clear about your goals, walking, meditating or joining a local support doesn’t matter how you do it. What matters is that you do the work to be aware, and if you don’t know what that means, come see me..a lot of what I teach in my Readings is how to attract more of what your really desire in this life. Image

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