Moon in Virgo.. Sensitive!!

The Moon is in detailed Virgo all day, use the Virgo Moon to start a new health plan for yourself like working out more and eating better.   

Promise yourself to end whatever it is that is unhealthy in your life. Virgo wants you healthy.!

However, Venus and the Sun are upset with one another which is creating tension for us, and there can be some feelings of longing for a different life, as you fantasize about our dreams instead of our current reality.
You might find yourself daydreaming at your desk about a life you wish you had, as you over-analyze well everything, very Virgo I must say!!
Be clear with others today, don’t beat around the bush and try to please people with your words, it will only get you into trouble. 
~Uh oh that sounds so Ruby or the Psychic/Therapist side of me, I always say I don’t sugar coat my words in Readings, well I sprinkle a little bit of compassion I do hope, but I feel like if I were to tell my clients what they wanted to hear all the time, they wouldn’t trust me or come back for Readings, as it would never help them move forward as the truth will help you embrace your personal power!! Hopefully it will set you free and motivate you to change your path, so that your headed towards what you truly desire!!
We’re sensitive today and some of us will be overly sensitive, especially with others.
This is the Full Moon effect starting some hours early, the Full Moon is the peak of our emotions, and the Moon being in Virgo only heightens that sensitivity!

I have many Virgo friends and the majority of them are tough cookies, they know how to hold in their emotions to survive..but underneath this hard-core attitude
their very emotionally sensitive souls…they tend to withdraw and become very moody while holding their emotions in..once triggered by outside influences they usually blow up and then break down emotionally. 
So if you find yourself feeling this emotional roller coaster ride during this Virgo influence ride it out and let it go and release, release.!!

A Full Moon will occur early morning Thursday!!

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