Believe in the Magic!

I’m sure with a quick Google search, I could find out why we decided that every four years we would add a 29th day to the month of February.

But instead, I prefer to accept this reality as it is and dig a bit deeper into what this seemingly magical day holds for me. As I do live in a Harry Potter world I always say, were the pictures move.LOL

I prefer to believe that everything is a sign or a message for just me..that the Universe is always revolving around me, as I am the center of my own Universe. Does this sound Egotistical? well perhaps a little but heck I am a Leo Sun with a Leo Rising, so it’s to be expected. Us Leo’s are the Sun the Core of the Universe so we do believe as the other planets represent all 12 Zodiac Signs, that they revolve around us..hence why us Leo’s like some drama and to always put on a good show..I do believe this way of thinking though affects my life in positive way as the masters are always telling us its our world, our stage, and our play!

So what actors do you want on stage with you? I know for me they need to be interesting and loving towards me. I work very hard by visualizing who the actors and actresses are in my world or play. I just close my eyes and see a movie room with the seats all cozy and the stage with a huge Red Flowing curtain, as I see the curtain open I start to choose who gets to be an active participant in my life. If you happen to see people you don’t want in your play then you need to gently kick them off the stage and ask them to go act somewhere else. As for the ones you want to keep you simply invite them in and ask them to stay!

Close your eyes and do many deep breaths in your nose and out of your mouth, visualize a room for you, and see the actors in your life. Then decide if they really need to play a role in your PLAY!! 

With the Sun sextile the mysterious planet Pluto right now, this hidden day will surely reveal truths and messages that we have not been able to see (at least for four years)
We are human because we have the capacity to have faith in the intangible. Sure, it’s easy enough to believe in a day that only appears every four years … but what about the things we can’t see: the hidden messages that run deep below the surface of our emotions? Right now, as the Sun aspects harmoniously with Pluto, the planet that drives our subconscious, we can finally see and believe what we are feeling!! Which in my opinion is what creates the magic!!!




not only do I believe in magic, I believe that we are the magic, and once we embody that belief, that is when the magical really happens in our lives.

More and more, I simply comment that “I desire ….”, forget about it, and within 24 hours, it is there. That is the magic that is becoming common in my life. And I say “bring it on!”


oh, the reason we have an extra day is because a virgo tried to design the calendar, but they couldnt figure out a way to fit 365 1/4 days into a neat mathematical formula, so they gave up and gave it to a pisces to finish, and that is why we have what we have today


Oh I so agree Carl about how we embody the magic we believe in..I love the manifestation stuff and the confidence you have how awesome is that. LOL


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