Moon in Taurus enjoy the simple things!

Were a little more stable today with the Moon in Taurus..and its playing nice with the Sun, Pluto, and Mars.

Anything to do with the pleasures of life now are going to appeal to your senses!

~One example I always see during a Taurus Moon is status updates on Facebook about keep a look out for lots of recipes flying around on the net! 

We are going to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground and enjoy what is sensual in our world. We feel like sticking to what is reliable and familiar, as this gives us peace and contentment.

If you can be patient, you should be able to make steady progress on most projects!

The Sun is moving towards a sextile (a Sextile is a Astrology term used to represent a positive transit among the planets)
to Pluto, exact very early tomorrow, this can help us by using different strategies now to really work on what matters in our lives! We will have opportunities to find or renew something we had lost,as we gain power the Universe is providing us!