All aboard the Crazy Train!!


So we should all agree this week has been nothing short of boring, and for some of us a little insane! With both bizzare and tense energy all week hitting us can throw ya over the edge..but only if you let it!!


Thursday is going to be tense if you let it get outta of control!!
We may be quick tempered especially Verbally, we lack tact and can easily fly off the handle with our words… as Mercury (planet of communication) and Mars (planet of action and aggression) are dueling it out in the Cosmos!

People are a bit rebellious today and do the opposite of what their expected, we feel entitled to make decisions that were not in charge of. So watch your boundaries today, and look out for those that are just itching to cross them. Opinions are going to be flying around all over and one might hit us in.the head, as debates can turn into full blown arguments. 
High Anxiety is also possible with all this nervous energy out there. So its easy to be impatient with people and situations!! 
If you handle this transit right today, it can motivate us to work and be productive. But try not to be in a hurry, and observe life today, try not to react quickly and bite your tongue!

~Haste makes waste

About Ruby's Readings

Based out of Topeka Kansas - I've been providing Professional Psychic/Medium Readings for over 17 years in NE Kansas and all over the World. I care for my clients very dearly. The relationships I hold with my clients is above all professional and honest. Without you, the client I wouldn't be making a successful and rewarding career, so I hold much Gratitude for that and will always treat you with kindness, respect and compassion. I believe you deserve confidentiality with a Psychic Reading, it is a very private entity in itself, and you will always get my full attention and understanding for the time you spend with me. Tarot readings are excellent for getting to the core of an issue, and often can do so within the first few minutes of the consultation. It doesn't matter whether your concerns are associated with your love life, career, finances, or purpose in life - the answers can be skillfully uncovered by a professional reader. A Tarot reading can be as long or as short as you like, but around 30 minutes is best to sufficiently cover the main points, take a look at various options, and ask about future concerns and possible courses of action. Contact me for an expert Tarot reading and for a personal reading that you won't forget!

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