Twilight Zone

Today is a Twilight Zone kinda day with the Moon entering Pisces by lunch and then turning into The New Moon by dinner. Before this all kicks in you might be feeling discontent with yourself as our thinking is well a little scattered. We might have some difficulty seeing reality!! As our thoughts will fluctuate back n forth.

~So I say since were in this Pisces vibe filled with Illusions and Dreams, we should take advantage of this energy. Think, write, meditate do whatever it takes to manifest your dreams, hopes and desires! I have always been taught that “Energy follows thought” which means what you think you create! 
So therefore as we go into a Pisces New Moon..boundaries will desolve…dreams are more clear and real! So take all those thoughts and create the Energy of what you are deeply desiring! An added boost to this is Neptune (the planet of dreams n illusions) is also in Pisces its home planet, this allows us to really connect to ourselves and get in touch with those dreams! Use your imagination and visualization to help you leap into faith!

As much fun as I’m having with this, do also remember to check in with reality from time to time today, just to keep the balance. This cycle can really help us turn dreams into reality!Image

I’ve picked a Tarot Card that represents the energy of the day..!
The Magician Card..he knows that whatever energy he puts out can create powerful results, he has all the tools he needs around him to makes his dreams a reality!

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