2017 A New Year!

2017 A New Year! And your New Year's Resolutions By Ruby The general attitude about 2016 is that it was a very bad year, and with all of the celebs deaths alone it has been very difficult. Many of my clients have lost loved ones this year as well, so it's been quite disheartening. 2016 … Continue reading 2017 A New Year!


How to be “Productive” during Mercury in Retrograde

December of 2016 Update - Mercury Once Again goes into Retrograde: How to be "Productive" during Mercury in Retrograde by Ruby Have you noticed your electronics breaking down or glitching out, are you struggling with misunderstandings or having communication issues with people? Has your Wifi, computer, smartphone, and any associated technologies been acting just weird … Continue reading How to be “Productive” during Mercury in Retrograde


“Something to Believe In”

Rubys Astro Readings "Something to Believe In" King Neptune, the planet that rules spirituality and is finally coming out of its Retrograde cycle. And it's been a mess, it's been very disorienting and confusing energy as we get used to it going back to its normal pace. You might have noticed over the last several … Continue reading “Something to Believe In”

Spring Equinox – Get Inspired 

Astro Readings by Ruby March 20th, 2017 "Spring Equinox - Get Inspired" The Sun shifts into Aries today and the "Spring Equinox" (Vernal Equinox) begins which is the first day of the "Astrological New Year." There are great things on the horizon with such empowering energy helping us along into this new Zodiac cycle. This … Continue reading Spring Equinox – Get Inspired 

Sun in Aries

Astro Readings by Ruby  March 19/20, 2017 Sun in Aries The Sun is changing signs from dreamy, sensitive Pisces to faster moving, thicker-skinned Aries on March 20th, where it stays through April 19th. In Aries, the energy is more enthusiastic and spontaneous. There's a strong desire to conquer under this energy as we tend to … Continue reading Sun in Aries

Mercury in Aries

Astro Readings by Ruby "Talking Out Loud" Mercury in Aries Mercury is the planet that rules communication, expression, and our thinking process, and it is shifting gears today as it moves into quick thinking Aries, where it will stay until March 31st. Decisions can be made very quickly in this very fast paced, impulsive energy. … Continue reading Mercury in Aries

Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo By Ruby 3/11/17 Sunday, March 12th the Moon grows Full in the sign of Virgo at 22 degrees. This affects all of us no matter what your Zodiac sign may be! The upcoming Full Moon in Virgo will have an important impact on all of us, as many other planets are … Continue reading Full Moon in Virgo

Love Me or Hate Me – Venus Retrograde

ASTRO READINGS WITH RUBY The Goddess of Love is turning Retrograde early today, and she will be going backward in the Cosmos through April 15th. Venus in Retrograde can be challenging but also can bring good things once you get through it, but it can be frustrating to get there. This cycle only happens about … Continue reading Love Me or Hate Me – Venus Retrograde

“Void” Moon

Rubys Astro Readings "Void" Moon The Moon has dipped into a "Void" cycle, that started very early this morning. Since will be in this particular energy for the next 24 hours, let's talk about what a "Void" Moon actually is and how it affects us! "The Void-of-course period of the Moon is a period of … Continue reading “Void” Moon

New Moon/Solar Eclipse 2017

New Moon/Solar Eclipse  By Ruby A New Moon/Solar Eclipse comes together on Sunday February 26th in Pisces and has a very important message to deliver about a new chapter that's unfolding now in your life. The cosmic activity is very busy with many planets in the sign of Pisces, so the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, … Continue reading New Moon/Solar Eclipse 2017

“Mercury in Pisces”

  "Mercury in Pisces" Mercury the planet that rules over communicating and how we express our thoughts, and process information is changing signs, as it does every 3 weeks or so, into more compassionate, in highly independent Pisces until March 13th. So our way of thinking is more visual, intuitive, and imaginative. We are especially … Continue reading “Mercury in Pisces”

“Happy Birthday Pisces”

*For all the Sun Signs of the Zodiac* “Happy Birthday Pisces” The Sun is shifting into creative and compassionate Pisces this morning and remains there through March 20th. This energy is about connecting to your spiritual/higher-self, it’s a sensitive, wistful, compassionate time. Our intuition and imagination may be extremely strong! Boundaries and walls come slowly … Continue reading “Happy Birthday Pisces”

Feeling Good Yet?

Astro Readings "Weekend Update" Feb 11 & 12 Good morning, are you feeling good yet? A Full Moon "Lunar Eclipse" in Leo just occured last night. But the Moon has just shifted into the sign of more detailed Virgo. So technically the Moon is pretty much full for the weekend, so even though the cosmos … Continue reading Feeling Good Yet?